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Are you aware that you might be putting you and your children’s mental, emotional and physical health at risk each me you bathe, shave, and apply sunscreens, body lotion or nail polish?Or, did you know that when you clean your house, you may be creating greater toxic air pollution indoors that exists outdoors?Everyday we use products that we think are perfectly safe but the truth is that all too often they are far from it — and manufacturers don’t have to tell us so. Ever since 1938 — when the FDA granted self-regulation to the cosmetics industry — such products can be marketed, regardless of what tests show. Most of the 25,000 chemicals used have not been tested for long-term toxic effects. In a typical day, you might be exposed to over 200 different chemicals, many of which are suspected of causing cancer or disrupting hormones. The Environment Protection Agency tests conclude that ingredients in shampoos, dyes and other personal care products “May be laying havoc with hormones that control reduction and development.”*44/165/1*


If your situation is life threatening your decision is more difficult. As well as questions like those above you would also need to ask yourself and your doctor: What do I stand to gain and to lose by going through a major operation which is likely to result in me living a bit longer? What could that extra time be like? How much of it is likely to be spent in hospital? What new problems could the cancer cause in that time? What might I die of later if I don’t die of bowel obstruction now? Can my present unpleasant symptoms be controlled by some other means if I decide to let nature take its course?

It takes a very courageous person to refuse a temporarily life saving treatment of any sort. This is definitely not ‘taking the easy way out’ or ‘giving up’. Even though it might be best for everybody, including you, such a refusal is never easy. I hope that whenever the time is right for you, you will be realistic, brave and tough enough to say ‘No’.