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Stopping using drugs is simple. Not easy, but simple. Anybody who really wants to stop using drugs or drinking can do so. Thousands of people are living examples of how it is done – and of the happiness that results from a life free from drugs and alcohol. You can do it too. You’ve probably done it numerous times, but with all those past attempts to stay clean or stop drinking behind you, you are probably frightened of what may happen when you do try again.
Cold turkey is nonsense-The first thing is to put out of your mind all the bad movies, harrowing chapters in thrillers and newspaper stories which you have seen and read. Their descriptions of coming off drugs are usually so much rubbish.
The agonies of cold turkey are a myth. Coming off the so-called ‘hard’ drugs like heroin or methadone is not dangerous. Uncomfortable, perhaps – undoubtedly an uncomfortable experience. But not dangerous at all.
Oddly enough, it is the legal drugs that are likely to cause the worst withdrawal problems. Coming off alcohol is worse than coming off heroin, and can sometimes be dangerous. Coming off tranquillisers can be worse still. The only other risky drugs to come off are barbiturates and Heminevrin (chlormethiazole edisylate). Barbiturates are even more dangerous than tranquillisers.
So there is no need for people on illegal drugs like heroin, cocaine and so forth to fear withdrawing; it does help, though, if you understand a little about the process of coming off.