Walnut relates the soul quality of adjustment in transition periods of life – in beginning of new life, unaffected by links with the previous life. It is aptly called the Link Breaker.In the positive state of Walnut remedy, the person can smoothly cut himself off from previous connections, howsoever strong they may have been and make a new beginning. It makes no difference whether he has to countenance natural physical changes that come with age i.e teething puberty, pregnancy or the menopause, or a major mental decision such as change of religion or profession, breaking of old conventions or social customs, or leaving one’s country for good to settle in an unknown foreign country. He may with constancy and determination leave his age-old habit of drinking or smoking. A person in the negative Walnut state, however, lacks that iron will which can surmount all vacillations that are attendant upon such major changes.He may possess the determination and strength of purpose to carry out his normal routine of life, but when a stronger personality impresses him to break off from the old and make a new beginning, he becomes a prey of duelty in his mind. He wants to change. The stronger personality has convinced him that change is in his interest. Future wants a break from the past. The present is tied to the past, which does not loosen its hold. The facts of heredity, old conventions, age-long social customs, the thought of a secure present connected to the past, and an uncertain future envisaged in the break from the past cause painful vacillations in his mind. He wants to make a new beginning, but the previous links are too strong to be snapped.*196\308\8*

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