These exercises are very beneficial in promoting a general feeling of well-being and relaxation. In fact, they combine a mixture of hypnotic induction and yoga with reassuring suggestions about inner calmness. These exercises can be learnt under the auspices of the Council of Adult Education, at the Cairnmillar Institue, and elsewhere.

A useful adjunct to this type of treatment is the series of tape-recordings put out by the Australian College of Recorded Education in Sydney. One of their medi-talk series is called, for example, ‘How to relax’.

Hospitalization. Occasionally, a patient requires hospitalization for the treatment of a severe skin disorder. Not infrequently, children with bad eczema require five to ten days in hospital to bring their condition under control and help their mothers learn to manage.

Many other skin disorders subside dramatically following hospitalization. This no doubt is due to a change in environment and the escape from the daily stresses and strains, as well as to the psychological effect of the patient turning himself over to physicians and nurses, who then fulfil the role of parent substitutes.


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