Silica is the right remedy to use for felons (whitlows), problems with the hair roots and the disrupted growth of hair and nails.

Give silica to lymphatic-scrofulous children with swollen glands; there is no better remedy than this for improving the child’s whole constitution. As a rule these children are thin, or else puffy with a swollen stomach, and have a poor appetite and little stamina, as well as an uncertain state of mind.

Those who suffer from lung problems and scrofula should take silica together with a homoeopathic calcium preparation. Silica is very good for the skin and the connective tissues, and is successful in the treatment of excessive hand and foot perspiration that has an unpleasant odour and causes the skin between the fingers and toes to become sore. Problems arising from suppressed foot sweat can also be dealt with satisfactorily by silica, but it is probable that the sweat will be re-established after having been wrongly suppressed in the first place. This is something to be welcomed. In fact, never do anything drastic to suppress foot sweat, unless you also stimulate the function of the skin and kidneys so that elimination is increased through these two escape routes. In that case, the foot sweat will eventually disappear without any harmful consequences.


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