Diabetics are more at risk because they often develop blocked arteries (arteriosclerosis) at an earlier age than non-diabetics. And these blockages can occur in those crucial arteries that supply the penis with blood during an erection.

Nerve damage is another potency troublemaker for diabetics. Diabetes can cause a man to lose sensation or trigger a “tingling” in his arms and legs. And this same damage can affect the part of the nervous system that controls erection.

It’s not uncommon for a man diagnosed as diabetic to go for many years without any erection problems. Then difficulties may develop, sometimes slowly, sometimes more quickly. Daniel, for example, is in his mid-30′s and has been diabetic since he was 13. The diagnosis came as a shock, but he took to heart the advice his doctor gave him. “He told me to live life as fully as possible.”

An attractive man who is successful in his work, Dan takes obvious pride in his appearance and keeps himself in shape by lifting weights at a health club. But despite his seemingly carefree demeanor he has a lot of experience dealing with and adjusting to his diabetes. In the last few years, for instance, he’s had some problems with numbness in his legs.

Daniel didn’t have any problems with erections until about three years ago. But then, in less than a year, he went from having no problems to losing his ability to become erect. “First, I had semierections. Then, no erections. I knew diabetes could be a factor, I knew that was probably why this happened.” Daniel made the connection between his illness and the potency problems, and, in so doing, suffered less anxiety. His doctor confirmed that diabetes was indeed the culprit, and offered Daniel a choice of treatments.


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