Anger, disappointment, sadness, concern, and the urge to help are all appropriate reactions to ED. These feelings apply whether a woman is encountering a male with ED for the first time or whether the condition is within the context of an ongoing relationship. However, when living with his disorder begins to produce disruptive physical and emotional symptoms in her, it’s time for a woman to seek professional help.

A symptom checklist follows. Some of these symptoms may have causes other than your partner’s ED, but are nevertheless having a negative impact on your relationship.

The symptoms are:

? Anger

? Sleep problems

? Fearfulness

? Eating problems

? Stress

? Difficulty concentrating

? Lack of self-esteem

? Feelings of hopelessness

? Troubling thoughts

? Depression

? Anxiety

? Alcohol or drug use

? Problems at work

? Memory loss

? Distractedness

? Health problems

If a woman identifies more than three of the above symptoms in her partner, she should consider seeking professional help. Having a relationship with a man suffering from ED is no easy matter. Talking over the problem, and how it makes her feel, is a big step toward helping herself, as well as her partner.


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